Game Tome: 30 Best Sports Books Of All Time

Everybody enjoys a good sports story. Hell, we’re willing to put money down that, even if someone you know doesn’t like baseball, they can probably spout off a line in the’90s movie, The Sandlot. We think that’s because, at their center, sports stories aren’t only about the game. When it’s win against all odds or the narrative of a fallen icon trying to get back on their feet, these stories are relatable because they’re about what makes us what we are.
It probably says a great deal that sports are ubiquitous across all forms of media. They to picture, to radio, even to video games. And though the visual mediums are the most common, there’s still something to be said about the page that is published. The raw unadulterated details of of the items can still be found in novels. Which means there is a multitude of excellent works on everything to the Olympics, to boxing, from golf, and so much more. However, how can one distinguish the good ones from the bad? Well, that’s why we’ve assembled the following listing. You are just a fan or whether you are an athlete, these are the 30 best books of all time.

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