Live Betting Terms & Conditions

Article 1

Technical time lag for approval

Once you have placed the wager, you will have to wait for the time required for acceptance before it regards validity. If during this period the odds suspended or removed, the bet will be automatically reversed. If the chances change, the wager is going to be rejected, unless the”Accept Change Odds” option on the voucher was checked.

Article 2

Bet approval

Whenever a bet is submitted to manual approval, Bet9ja retains the right to deny it or to reduce the amount . The bet can be lowered only if the”Accept Odds Changes” option on the voucher was checked.

Article 3

Bet approval in”Danger Zone”

Bet9ja reserves the right to extend the time lag for acceptance each time a bet is set during a risky action whose outcome may alter clearly the chances available (s.c.”Danger Zone”). In this case a message will notify the client about the action that is risky, and all bets placed in this period will be approved or refused at its conclusion.

Article 4

It is up to the client to confirm that the amount of stakes placed and the sum are coherent with his will before confirming the bet. The bet can not be altered or cancelled by the Customer, once confirmed.

Article 5

The Customer declares to not be aware of the outcome of the occasion when placing a bet. In the event there are reasons to feel that a wager was put on an event, which the result is already known, or after the chosen team has obtained a substance benefit (eg. Aims or Expulsion, etc..) , Bet9ja reserves the right to cancel the wager as mentioned in the Section XIII of the overall Terms and Conditions of Bet9ja.

Article 6

Bet9ja reserves the right to refuse access or to terminate access to this Live Betting section of our website, and to modify, suspend or discontinue the Live Betting at its own discretion and without informing the Customer. All contents scheduled on Live Betting are subject to change and Bet9ja might vary, suspend, replace or withdraw the planned events without notice to the client.

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